About BAFW

The team behind BAFW has over 15 years experience in innovating methods to promote the visibility and growth of Asian brands, businesses, talent and culture into 'mainstream' and other 'large niche' markets around the world.

We are living at a time of cultural cross-over and global trade. Asia as a continent is harnessing more economic power not just from manufacturing but in design and innovation too. This means the opportunity to grow a global business is made available using modern technologies and global infrastructure. BAFW bridges a gap in this global infrastructure where Asian designers can now prepare their collections for the western markets using timelines globally recognised, heightening their chance to grow their brands and engage in more trade at a larger scale.

Until BAFW was formed, much of the Asian Fashion Industry remained isolated within it's domestic markets and didn't join the world's leading brands in the mainstream seasonal release schedule of Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter. BAFW believes that Pan-Asian designers are awarded a level-playing-field and deserve a world class platform to promote their collections, products and services for SS/AW release, in line with the rest of the world. The eastern and western consumer mindset are no longer separate so why should collection release schedules differ?

BAFW recognises that the British Asian (diaspora) population makes up 7.5% of the national population*, making it the largest ethnic minority group in the nation.

'The BAFW 3 Wardrobe Concept'

The 3 Wardrobe Concept is simple, it focuses on 3 wardrobes that exist in every British Asian and modern South Asian fashion consumer's household globally:

BAFW believes in...